The Professional Gamer - June 12, 2017

Hi readers! I've had meetings three nights this week, which has prevented me from doing a large number of geeky things. However, I did manage to have a little bit of fun, so let's talk about that.

I found some time to watch Dr. Strange during the week. This is likely my favorite Marvel movie to date. I felt like there was a more realistic portrayal of a hero's journey, with a person who is obviously brilliant and studious, but not an expert at the new thing he is trying to do. Which was a bit refreshing compared to the typical white savior complex. It does continue the Marvel tradition of well shot action scenes and some creative special effects. The reality bending scenes were especially effective. And, by the mid-point of the movie, I managed to forget that Benedict Cumberbatch was playing the lead. That is, the character was showing through more than the actor.

Also, Volume 1 of the Steven Universe soundtrack was just released, and I am immensely enjoying having access to those songs at all times.

That's all for this week. Game on!

Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Mission Success!

Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Mission Success!

"Ghost in the Shell" is kind of an anime staple with the original movie having been released over 20 years ago. It is quite the risk to take it on and make it live action. So first I want to give props to DreamWorks and Paramount (apparently there is quite the history on this film actually making it to theaters) for taking the risk. The resulting movie is literally a live action anime. The visuals presented in the movie are absolutely amazing. They bring the city to life in ways that felt super science-fictiony but still grounded in the realm of possibility ... eventually. The characters are also well done. The are the characters that we have know (assuming you have seen any "Ghost in the Shell" movies / show) each still have their unique traits that make them, them. 

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The Professional Gamer - October 10, 2016

Hi Everyone! I don't have a lot to report on this week. With the change in recent change in weather, I ended up wanting to spend a large portion of my time with a bit of a comfort movie. In this case, The Lord of the Rings. For those who have been following me for awhile, you may be aware that I tend to read the books once a year. I'm currently reading The Two Towers and decided that watching the movies would be a good way to spend my evenings.

Also, I found a new anime series to watch for the fall season: Yuri!!! on Ice. The series is about Yuri Katsuki, a 23 year old figure skater. At the the beginning of the series he suffers a major defeat, coming in last at a Grand Prix competition. He moves back home to do some soul searching and decide whether to continue with his skating career. At the end of the episode he finds a new coach who wants to help him. The animation in the show is fluid and provides an great sense of grounding for the characters. The style for the opening is also really cool.

That's all I have for this week. See you next time and game on!

Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool, the first R-rated Marvel movie since 2004, has finally hit theatres. But is this movie as good as all the hype has made it out to be? Or is it going to have been all marketing magic? Well good news to all of you, the movie is good. They took the recent Deadpool comics and translated them into a movie that we can proudly admit to having been seen. Although, and this is pointed to you parents, I would HIGHLY advise you holding out on taking the kids to this movie. Yes, it is a Marvel movie, but no one will question why Deadpool earned an R-rating and without it this is not the same movie. There will not be a TV friendly version of this movie.

Now lets flashback a number of years to San Diego Comic Con. A trailer of some Deadpool test footage gets leaked. Fast forward to another SDCC and this footage returns later a little cleaned up with the announcement that there will be a Deadpool movie. Fast forward again to this weekend and this same freeway gun fight opens the movie. It even included Deadpool coloring on an overpass listening to some tunes. Immediately during the opening you know this movie will be different. Trust me when I tell you to read the opening credits, it really sets the tone of the movie.

Since this is the first Deadpool movie it requires a long and boring origin story about who Wade Wilson is and how he got that fancy red suit. Well this is done between action scenes with 4th wall breaking flash-backs until we reach the present day. It is a unique method that I am not sure would work with the other Marvel properties since they don't acknowledge they are in a fictional world the way Deadpool does. Now if it annoys you when characters break the 4th wall, you probably are not reading this as you don't like Deadpool anyway, so you will like that portion of the movie. Breaking the 4th wall is used to do more then tell the story. Deadpool also uses this to make a few well timed wise cracks about Fox's X-men movie universe. 

 Now the big question is, should you see this movie? Well if you only like superhero movies that feature a hero who works for the greater good and is a good person without question; then just stay home and watch Ant-Man or Avengers again. But if you are looking for something different, if you are looking to have a laugh then this movie will scratch that itch.

Fingers crossed this scene is in the sequel.

Fingers crossed this scene is in the sequel.

And on a few different notes. Thanks to X-Men: Days of Future Past this is technically the same Deadpool that almost destroyed this movie's chance. Now instead of a mute teleporting sword implanted monster we have the Deadpool we always wanted. A Deadpool that broke records for opening weekend sales for both R-rated movies and for movies opening in February making $135 million domestically and $125 million internationally. Not bad for an idiot in a red suit.

Suicide Squad makeS a decent trailer

What do you get when you toss some of the worst people in the DC Universe together? You get what could be the most interesting movie from the DC franchise in a while. For the most part the DC movies have been serious affairs where the idea of a joke is a foreign concept and the campiness that makes comics so endearing is lost. That appears to not be the case in this most recent Suicide Squad trailer. Take a look:

Not bad huh? And Bohemian Rhapsody just seemed perfect for this crew of misfits. Now the main question, will this trailer end up being better then the movie? Guess we find out in August.

This Weeks Geek - 01/20/2015


Star Wars, a good chunk of us love. And even those of you that don't have to admit you would love to have a lightsaber, assuming you don't cut off your own in limbs in the first 5 minutes of owning it. Well the folks at Google know that. And a as a result have created a new(ish) Chrome Experiment called "Lightsaber Escape".

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Last Years Geek - A Review From Laziness

2015 has come and gone and with it a number of experiences. And since I have been sparse in my writing as of late I am going to start 2016 with a recap of my 2015.  

Movies (Possible Spoilers)

Movies for geeks have been releasing in larger and larger quantities each year. Marvel has moved forward with their grand cinematic plan keeping us wanting more and more. 2015 saw the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man in which the close of Marvel's Phase 2 plan happened. In Age of Ultron we were introduced to not one, but two of the Infinity Stones and seen some forward movement in Thano's plan to rule the universe. Then in Ant-Man we were introduced to the newest non-shield superhero to enter the Marvel landscape. Both movies were great experiences and a ton of fun.

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The Professional Gamer - December 28, 2015

Hello and Happy Holiday's!  I hope you all have had a fun, spent time with people that you care about and got to goof off a bit.  I've spent some time away from work, spending time with my family, watching some television and movies, and playing some games.  I love how much easier it is to be a geek when time is a less limited resource.

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