Game Over - Dishonored

Corvo Attano has regained his honor. He has de-throned those that killed his Empress and placed her daughter on the throne. But how did he do it? How did he move from prisoner to savior? Did he become a murderer? Or did he leave his foes alive, but potentially in a much worse situation? Read on in this edition of Game Over for the process, and my opinion of how it all ended. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

The Spoiler

OK, lets start with a quick run of what happened Corvo was arrested. He knows he was framed. He was told as much by the ones that framed it. Then the day before he was due for execution he is given the key to his cell by the Loyalist. They are group of people whom want the Emily, the former Empress' young daughter, to the throne. Once he escaped from the prison he was taken to the Hound Pits Pub. Here Corvo is given 5 assignments. The first to remove High Overseer Campbell from power so they can place someone they trust in the position. This process can be be done via brute force, poison, or by marking him. The mark leaves him alive, but just a shell of his former self as he will be evicted from the order, forever. Next Corvo removes the Pendleton Bros to stop them from voting to keep the Lord Regent in power. Again your choices are murder, or get the combination to a safe and give it to LockJaw (the leader of a local gang). LockJaw will kidnap the brothers, cut out their toungs, and put them to work in their own mines. This is followed by kidnapping the Royal Physician to find out who the Lord Regent is dating. You are not taking her out to piss him off, that is just a bonus. She is rich and funding the guy. Should you leave her alive you knock her out and send her off to live the rest of her life with a man that loves her, but she does not love back. Then you finally come to the the Lord Regent himself. Leaving him alive means you broke into his safe, stole a recording of him admitting what he had done, and playing over a city wide intercom system. Amazingly how fast people lose their loyalty when they found out you masterminded the whole "kill our beloved Empress" thing. It was amazing how everything worked perfectly to plan with the Loyalist never being found. And as I have been trained, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

With the Lord Regent gone (killed or outed for killing the Empress, your choice) you return to celebrate at the Hound Pits Pub. Emily, only a child, can now be placed in a position of power. The loyalist hand you a beer, you take a drink, and now you have been poisoned. You know what they say about power corrupts? The loyalist are close to being in charge. They don't need Corvo as he is more a threat since they cannot control Emily with him gone. Good thing you still have friends in low places. The man that has been taking you from place to place on your missions only gave you half the poison he was supposed to. Then instead of disposing of your body he sent you up the river, literally, on a raft. While recovering from the poison you find the assassin that killed the Empress, Daud. Or more accuratly his men found you. After a toss up with his men and proving to Daud that you are a better fighter, and human, then him in everyway you return to the Hound Pits Pub to extract your revenge. One their you find that you were not the only one betrayed. The others that assisted them, with a few exceptions, were executed by being shot in the back of the head.  After saving the reaming few that managed to hide you go to rescue Emily from your former allies. One siege of a heavily fortified island later you find that the few betrayers that were left were killed by the man that was running the Loyalist. No surpriset that doing so has left him paranoid and mad. You can kill him or knock him out at this point. Emily is now safe, and you ensure this for the rest of your life.

The Opinion

Well, game over. The rest is narrated by the Outsider. In my ending the city was happy. I spent the rest of my life by her side and was burried in the same area as Emily's mother. Something about being more then a body guard to her. I had minimal chaos in my game. I guess that means that I did not see as many wheepers as I could have, and rats were at a minimum. With only one play through under my belt it is hard to tell if there was really a difference, as they claim, between what I saw and a more choatic play through. What I did not care for was that it was hard to tell how the city actually ended. Sure the plague was cured, but would that have happened anyway? Since the ending is done from the view of the Outsider in the Void you don't really get a feel for how the whole city looks. A true cinema showing how things looked in the real world would have been nice. You know what it looked like when you started, so the contrast would have been nice. How did your game end? Was it happy, or did you have a much darker ending then I?