Best Action/Adventure Game of 2012

Action/Adventure games are arguably a cornerstone in the gaming world. A number of games can fall into this category pretty easily. But you don’t care about that, without further delay I give you our nominees.

Darksiders 2
Max Payne 3
Assassins Creed 3
Borderlands 2

And the winner is Dishonored.

With its inventive, and possibly game breaking mechanics Dishonored was a gamble for Bethesda. It was one of the few new IPs to make this list and it was a success for them. From the multiple path levels to the different ways to deal with enemies you might argue that almost no two people had the same experience in Dishonored. Even if you played the same path in the game the way you played it could be very different. With this in mind we are proud to give Dishonored best Action / Adventure game of 2012.

Game Over - Dishonored

Corvo Attano has regained his honor. He has de-throned those that killed his Empress and placed her daughter on the throne. But how did he do it? How did he move from prisoner to savior? Did he become a murderer? Or did he leave his foes alive, but potentially in a much worse situation? Read on in this edition of Game Over for the process, and my opinion of how it all ended. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!
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This Weeks Geek - Time or Money

Curse you video game industry. The majority of your blockbuster hits all seem to come out around the same time. I know that the holiday season is important to make sales, but would it be possible to spread things out a little more? I am still working on Borderlands 2 and Fable: The Journey. Then Assassin's Creed III just came out last week which I have barley played. Now Halo 4 comes out tomorrow, which due to the fantastic job Microsoft did with Forward Unto Dawn mini series I am actually more excited about then I was before. I don't have the time to get and play all these great games.
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Dishonored - Review

Honor, for some men that is all that defines them. So what happens when you lose that honor? Worse yet, what happens if you lose that honor due to no fault of of your own. How do you deal with this lose, and how do you regain your lost honor? This is what Corvo, the main character in Dishonored, is faced with. He was the Lord Protector of the Empress. He returns from a long journey just in time to see the Empress get assassinated by a group a assassins with mystical powers. And what happens when the guards do arrive? They blame Corvo for the murder. Now he is imprisoned for a crime he riding not commit, and as the the Empress's body guard he is dishonored.
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The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 129

So we started the recording a little late this week, so I am going to apologize now for the voices in the background playing Quarriors. Beyond that we do have talks of loaning games, old games, anime and a new game. VIVA LA GAMING!

And here are the notes you most likely won't read

This Weeks Geek - The Assassins

Quiet, unassuming, deadly. These are the traits of a master assassin. They can blend in with a crowd, disappear into the shadows, kill a target without being spotted and then disappear without a trace. But why does one become an assassin? Is it for revenge? Are they born into it? Or is it something more? With the wealth of assassin based games that are coming out this season I felt now would be a great chance to look into this dark and seedy underworld. 
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The Gameslave Podcast - Episode 127

So we created a plan for this podcast, we really did. But we failed to stick to it at all and ended up going on random tangents. Hope that keeps you entertained this week cause it was a lot of fun to record.

Notes are at the podcast page.

Dishonored Interactive Trailer

I felt that I have kept forgetting to bring this game up, and now it comes out Tuesday. So with that I will finish this assassin's trifecta with an interactive trailer for Dishonored.

This interactive video contains some minor spoilers, and is best played while in 'Full screen'.