Cataclysm Coming In December???

Yes Please.World of Warcraft,  my drug of choice.  Recently, I haven't been needing my fix, in fact,  my subscription has been frozen for the past few months.  But, with the new patch on the horizon (Patch 4.0.1) I decided to get back into it.  Good thing too.  With all the changes that will be happening in the upcoming patch, I figured it would be good to get reacquainted with all my toons before the expansion hits. 

A lot of rumors have been swirling when exactly Cataclysm will be released.  While there has been no "official" date, the fine peeps and MMO-Champion may have discovered the release date.  In an earlier blue post from WoW, Zarhym noted that "The next Arena Season will begin for level-85 players approximately one week after the official launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm."  It has recently been posted that Arena Season 9 will kick off on December 14, 2010.  So, according to the blue post from Zahym, the logical release date for Cataclysm will be on December 7, 2010.  Check out the full article and the entire blue post of Zahym at MMO-Champion's web site here.

If you're like me, you cannot wait for the expansion hit store shelves.  At least patch 4.0.1 will give me enough new changes to hopefully tide me over until Cataclysm is released.  Stay tuned for any new updates on Cataclysm.