Gold no Longer Needed for Netflix and Hulu on Xbox

Netflix and Hulu have become staples in the living room. You are almost expected to have a device of some sort that can access the vast libraries of entertainment they have, and for some time the easiest way to access them were the game consoles that most of us gamers own. But there was always a downside. If you had an Xbox you had to have the gold level of Xbox Live to access the services you already paid for. Kind of lame when you consider the fact that you have never need to pay extra if you have a PlayStation 3 or 4, AppleTV, ChromeCast, or any other number of devices capable of streaming. But that is changing, all for the better.

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Review - Batman: Arkham City

Two years ago a vigilante took to the streets of Gotham City. He has taken it upon himself to clean the streets of the human filth and corrupt cops that litter them. He has kept to the shadows and inspired fear in those that would prey on the innocent. Some don't believe he exists, but all have heard whispers of the Batman. Now it is Christmas Eve and Blackmask, a notorious mobster, has placed a $50,000,000 bounty on the Bats head if he can be taken in before the end of the night. Can Batman keep out of the hands of the eight bounty hunters that took up the job and keep Gotham safe at the same time? And more important, is it worth your time to help Batman?
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Xbox One GPU Clock Speed Increase, RAM Upgrade

Microsoft has been willing to act quickly on the feedback that they were given for the Xbox One. When people were getting upset and angry about the DRM polices and the internet connection policy, Microsoft dropped the policies for both and promise for a more open system. Now that is out the way there is one major issue that the PS4 has over the Xbox One and that my friends is the hardware specs... Let’s Talk

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Dying Light - E3 Demo

Walking around the Warner Brothers area at E3, I was surprised to see a title I hadn't even heard of prior to my visit to LA.  Being a sucker for zombie games, I decided to check it out on the final day.  Is Dying Light just another rehash zombie game, or did it show some potential in the live demo?  Read on to find out. 

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Dead Space 3 Demo

Christmas may be over but EA is giving gamers a belated holiday gift. As of January 22, 2013 you can get a demo of Dead Space 3 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 via there respective networks. Although if you are a 360 owner you have the option of going to and signing up for early beta access (while supplies last, expires 1/14/2013 @ 11:59 PM PST, stupid lawyer speak). The demo not only includes the new planet that you crashed on, which is of course teaming with Necromorphs, but it allows you to play co-op as either the reluctant Issac Clarke or the new character Sergeant John Carver. Wow, someone for the military is actually stepping to help this time. What radical thinking? If you find the game to be what you are looking for then look forward to the full game on February 5th in North America for the 360, PS3, and PC. If you are in Europe then don't worry, you only have to wait until February 8th.

Star Trek - Preview

Star Trek has a new video game to add to the plethora of them out in the world. This one is based in the universe made by J.J. Abrams, and just like they rekindled fan excitement in the movie world for Star Trek it looks like it may do that in the video world as well. This game is a third person shooter placed between the first movie and second movie coming out next year. In the game you play asynchronously as either Captain James T. Kirk or Spock (or both in Co-op mode).
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